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A Thought, Quartered

one part wisdom, three parts coward

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A thought which, quartered, hath but one part wisdom and ever three parts coward. I do not know why yet I live to say this thing's to do, sith I have cause and will, strength and means to do't.

My apologies to Mr. Shakespeare.

"Resolved, never to do anything which I should be afraid to do if it were the last hour of my life"--Philip Doddridge, Seventy Resolutions

Um. Maybe more is required? Other than believing Shakespeare is a god, there's not so much to tell. I try to keep up with my flist (and if you've friended me and I've not friended you back, please don't take it personally--it takes me a long time to do that sort of thing). If you leave me thoughtful comments I sometimes don't get back to you for awhile because I have to think about a response--and then days go by and it all seems so far away and I wonder if anybody would go back and look--but I think slow like sloth. I mean no disrespect and I value comments. I do. I try to be better. I try and try and try.

I go through periodic bouts of insanity known as Hell Time wherein I am buried in the ninth circle of hell where they keep the graaaaaaaaaaaaaaading and at those times you might wish to filter me. This happens at term's end: November and April. The other bouts of insanity are unpredictable and well, read at your own risk.

That's it. I'll be interesting later. Promise.

As for this whole "adult content" thing? Um, sometimes there's adult content here, in the form of fiction, so be warned. But mostly there's just this one particular adult whining about being an adult, so I guess that counts as adult content. Or maybe adult (dis)content. heh heh. See what I did there? How clever. Oh, what a satirical rogue.

And friending: friend if you want to (and if you have very low expectations with regard to wit or sense). Say hi if you want to. Lurkers are cool, too. I am quite slow at friending back, and mostly do so after I've had some time to interact with you in some way, so please don't be offended if you don't get re-friended right off. (Is it just me, or is the rhyming here starting to sound like something from Gilbert and Sullivan?) *Shuffles off to Buffalo*

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